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Donate part of its heritage to future generations

While our alumni and listeners abound in anecdotes about the history of ICP and their professors, few know that it is funded by an association. The latter, recognized by the state as a public utility, cannot carry out its missions without the grants, bequests and life insurance it receives.

Legacy 2022

Recently, one of our donors confirmed his choice to make ICP his successor. We are highly honored by this and would like to pay tribute to this philanthropic approach that brings hope to tomorrow’s generation.

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Pass it on to future generations

Christine, a former student, has fond memories of her time at ICP in the 1960s:
“It was during the first experiences of young adulthood that I obviously was. But also the case of meeting completely new personalities for me, whom I would never have encountered in my close circle, for example. I learned a lot, and on all levels. for me, I am an adult today at ICPFull of beautiful values, even if I take a few steps away in my life.
Recently my husband left me. We met like many others on the faculty bench. Our children have gone to ICP, as have our parents, it’s kind of a tradition in our family. So, when my husband became ill and we had to organize for the future, it seemed only natural to include him in our inheritance.
Of course, the bulk of our wealth will go to our children, but We would like to send 10% of our inheritance to this institution dear to our hearts. I contacted my notary to formalize this project and I am relieved that everything is organized. I haven’t talked to my kids about it yet, but I think I’ll explain it to them soon and at least they’ll understand. I believe them, Catho educated them well »

Wills and life insurance are an essential resource for ICPs

With a sum of €15,000, ICP was recently able to equip the library building with an elevator for students with disabilities. This system allowsContribute strongly to the preservation of an exceptional heritage and adapt it to the mission of teaching to the greatest possible public.

If you are considering a legacy scheme on behalf of the ICP, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alban de Longpre, our Head of Bequest Relations on 01 44 39 84 82 or by email on 01 44 39 84 82. know that all questions are important and we will be happy to help you or redirect you to the right professional.


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