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Elden Ring: Players have already found clues in the Colosseums!

Elden Ring players will discover more about the Colosseums in the popular game! We are telling you more.

The Coliseums in Elden Ring players intrigue! But some managed to harvest signs of this secret place. MCE TV tells you more.

The Elden Ring Coliseums

It is one of the the most popular game this year 2022. Indeed, Elden Ring seems to have gathered all the ingredients to make it successful video game.

Between its plot, its story and its setting, the game Elden Ring delights fans and entertains them at the same time. I have to say that FromSoftware Studios’ game is full of secrets.

Thus we think of two months on the altar of Moonlight, for example. Or Godwyn’s corpse under Stormveil Castel. Also, and above all, the Colosseums!

In the Elden Ring video game, fans have already found three Coliseums in the Middle Ages. They really are Limgrave, Leyndelle and Caelid.

What you need to understand is that the site seems to be well protected! Of course, it is impossible to enter these impressive buildings.

So this leaves a lot of speculation about their true history and reason for their existence. Some think it’s just the destruction of some buildings in the Elden Ring game. While others remain convinced that something is going on inside!

The Limgrave Coliseum, for example, north of the Warmaster’s Hut. There is also an NPC (non-player), which is in the foreground.

He repeats it very interesting words. “I just wanted a fight. Fight like a warrior, until the end” he said.

An unanswered mystery

The Limgrave Colosseum in the Elden Ring is then visible hide story. But it seems impossible to enter the house.

Some players still managed to explore the interior of this well-protected Coliseum. But the inside of the Colosseum seems to be unfinished. At this point, it’s not possible better understand his history.

The Elden Ring also features Leyndell Coliseum, which is the largest of the 3. Located near the capital, it also seems to hide a mysterious story.

Some data generators can log in to search. Then he found a part burning with torches, dWar rooms and corridors leading to the courtyard.

There are weapons scattered around the arena and two enemies fighting. It is known that in the game Elden Rig the two enemies and “Gladiator Large” and “Old Lion of Arena”.

Finally, the Caelid Coliseum is characterized by the giant Great Jar that guards its entrance. The latter says nothing, but denounces Terni.

If the latter survives, they receive Arsenal’s Charm of the Great Jar. Datamines workers who explored the interior also found a circle.

Between the NPCs, the raiders and the items found in the Colosseums, everything shows that the place is unfinished. As if they were abandoned. The continuation of the game will probably make it possible to find out more his secret place.

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