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Electric or not, its future cars will be sporty

If Lotus wants to invest in new segments, such as SUVs, with its switch to all-electric, the brand will continue to produce sports models.

As we know, Lotus, like many other manufacturers, has decided to turn to 100% electric. A change that actually makes sense, as the European Union has formalized a ban on the sale of thermal cars from 2035.

However, the British firm may have a remedy, when manufacturers selling between 1,000 and 10,000 passenger cars per year will not be subject to the measure until 2036, a year later. But that didn’t stop Lotus, which sold 1,710 new cars last year, from ending its range of internal combustion models.

There is no end to sports

where The Elise, Exige and Evora have therefore conspicuously disappeared from the range, Lotus now wants to conquer other segments, and especially SUVs with the recently unveiled Eletre. However, this change in strategy will not spell the death knell for the sports model in the manufacturer’s catalogue, as Lotus managing director Matt Windle confirmed to our British colleagues.the coach.

If they ask him The brand may turn its back on traditional sports cars To focus on larger series vehicles. And the answer couldn’t be clearer: no. However, nothing has been done yet, and our colleagues point out that a decision on future Lotus sports cars will be made once the Emira and Eviza are mass-produced.

A new model in 2027

If the future of the Hethel brand is yet to be mapped out, we already know that Lotus is working on its developmentAn all-new sports car, currently known as the Type 135 EV. Based on the manufacturer’s new LEVA platform, it will sound like a tribute to the legendary Esprit, while drawing inspiration from the Alpine A110 in its proportions and looks. For now, no information has been released on its technical sheet.

All we know is that this future will be an electric sports coupe Unveiled by 2026 for a launch planned for 2027. It could share its features with Alpine’s future sports car, while the two brands could collaborate to develop their next trendy models.

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