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First Red Cross air aid shipment to Sudan

The arrival of the first air shipment of the International Red Cross in Sudan with eight tons of humanitarian aid

The first shipment of humanitarian aid from the Red Cross has arrived in the city of Port Sudan, as part of the emergency operations it is carrying out for the first time since the outbreak of fighting in Sudan.

The Red Cross statement said the shipment, which was sent from Amman, weighs 8 tons and includes surgical equipment to support Sudanese hospitals, adding that it will send a second plane with additional medical equipment.

The Red Cross added in the statement that “it would send a second plane with additional medical supplies and emergency personnel,” according to AFP.

The statement referred to the participation of volunteers from the Sudanese Red Crescent in medical care for the victims of the clashes.

“We were able to fly to Port Sudan from Amman as medical personnel with enough war-wounded supplies to stabilize 1,500 wounded,” Patrick Youssef, the ICRC’s regional director for Africa, told the press conference.

“We now hope to get them to some of the busiest hospitals in Khartoum as soon as possible,” he added.

Youssef continued: “According to the World Health Organization, only 16% of hospitals are working, and the situation is very dire due to understaffing and lack of medical reserves… the Sudanese Red Crescent is trying to get to the dead bodies in the streets.”

A spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees told Sky News Arabia:

More than 50,000 Sudanese refugees have crossed the border so far

Over 33,000 Sudanese have been displaced from Khartoum

He called for international pressure to ensure aid reaches Sudanese refugees.

The high death toll from the clashes

On the other hand, the Sudanese Doctors Union revealed the number of deaths and injuries since the outbreak of clashes in the country.

According to the Sudan Doctors Union, the death toll has risen to 425 and more than 2,000 injured among civilians.

The Union confirmed that there are many injured and dead that are not included in this inventory, due to the impossibility of reaching hospitals due to the difficulty of movement and the security situation in the country.

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