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Fresh air…on the indices

As expected, the consolidation creates above the market of the Parisian index, while the exchange of the short reduces the decrease. Interest is low and the reading of the open position on the FutureCAC40 does not make it possible to determine the level of interest. Therefore, the number of contracts decreases if the index increases or decreases. This shows a lack of bottom pressure and a lack of strong support. Interest rates firmed slightly but open positions remained very weak. We see that all the American indices made a daily candle on August 8, in shooting star (a small body at the bottom and a large upper rope), a sign that the sellers regained strength at the end of the session against the main opposition groups. LUS inflation data, published tomorrow, Wednesday, is the last major meeting for several days. In a bearish market, we are cautious after a big rally. Inflation beyond the agreement (at 8.7%) would have a negative impact on the bond market and on sales.

In the future August

The resistors and: 6511 and 6526 then 6545.5 even 6572.5, 6601, 6620.5 even 6676.

The brackets and: area 6472/6480 and 6433 then 6408 and 6380.56315 though 6249 is 6177.5 is 6133.

Intraday, the trend is growing more than 6472.

Photos, on the Future of CAC40 (Cf. chart included in 14 Hours), it broke a few hours ago and circled, an uptrend shortcut, active since July 15. The trend is stable in the short term as long as 6545.5 is still negative at the end. This resistance also happens to be a trendline level.

Ours The intraday warning is still at 6433. Under this zone, a return to 6315 may be quick this time, because the signals have had time to develop. We remind you that our short notice is at 6249.

A flood of 6521 may return to 6545.5 at least. Indeed, the triple resistance test can make this possible, especially in large economies. Then we look at 6601 or add to 6676.

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