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Each year, during the municipal council, Toulouse’s elected officials name fifty to eighty streets, squares or roundabouts, often the future arteries of a city that continues to grow. This is the case with the three new roads to be constructed near Kartucherry and Zenith in Polygon sector. During the last batch of baptismal names, during the municipality on July 1, the elected officials chose to honor the memory of Jean-Pierre Vernant, historian and professor at the College de France, a companion of independence “Colonel Berthier” during the resistance in Haute-Garonne, who died last year. Go Toulouse hospital doctor, Professor Jacqueline Arlette and French mathematician Paulette Lieberman. These three names alone illustrate the main principles that elected officials follow for their choice: local dimension and feminization. In addition to these objectives, there is also respect for the victims and personalities of the attacks, as it were. , in front of Zenith, in 2019, along with Johnny Hallyday Esplanade.

On July 1, the elected officials of the municipality also decided to name rue Collet Besson, named after the Olympic champion, an avenue on Ramier Island, between Bienes and Professor Sola alley, which was unnamed. A boulevard Hélène Vianney will see the light of day on a plot under construction near the Kandy Circuit and Portet town. Resistance, Helen Vianney was also the founder of Glenan’s Sailing School in South Finisterre. Finally, the Algerian singer of Kabyle expression Idir will give his name to a place located near Victor-Hugo, at the corner of Boulevard de Strasbourg and Rue du Rempart – Matabieu.

In April, ten streets were named, including Allée Anne-Laure Arruebo, Sept-Deniers, from Toulouse, a young resident of Quint-Fonsegrives killed in the Bataclan attack in Paris on 13 November 2015, and historian and writer Rue Bartholomew Bennasser.

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