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Future halles de challans: City launched a questionnaire to survey consumer habits

Sketch of the interior of the Halles de Challans. © Chalan City

The Future shipment A flagship project of Rémi Pascreau’s municipal mandate. They should be delivered in the fall of 2024. works Should begin in the spring of 2023, place du Champ de Foyer.

The future building will be equipped with cold rooms, solar panels and sanitary facilities. The estimated total amount of the operation (buildings and immediate environment), all costs combined, is estimated at €5.3 million excluding tax, of which €3.5 million excluding tax specifically dedicated to the work.

Traders are hoping that attendance will increase if these things happen.

An opening outside of normal hours?

The city of Chalan is launching a questionnaire about future building opening days for people interested in this construction project. A question paper can be found on their website by clicking here.

Do you frequent the market? Which additional opening day would you choose? Can opening outside normal hours (8:30 am – 1:00 pm) encourage you to visit the hall? Do you market frequently in markets other than consignment? Internet users are invited to answer various questions related to Hall. »

“Thank you for dedicating a few moments to this questionnaire,” the city said on its website.

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