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Future rainfall rarely compensates for drought

The association brings together agricultural technology companies to provide future weather forecasts on its website, allowing farmers to predict the much-awaited rains after the drought that has affected France since the beginning of summer. Cumulative rainfall above 10 mm (which is low considering soil conditions) is unlikely over Central and Northeast regions by August 29. The 30mm expected across the country is uncertain. “If a storm event with precipitation occurred in France, the amount of water brought in was heterogeneous in France,” Acta notes. A large part of the French territory should reach 10 mm of accumulation by September 6, with the exception of the north which will be less affected.

A possible method

The results are produced from probabilistic forecasts, based on the ECMWF model, European Center for Meteorological Forecasting. Acta notes, “It is recommended that your analysis take into account the actual conditions of your soil or the amount of precipitation that has fallen locally over the last few days.”

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