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George RR Martin gave an update on the future series of the fantasy universe

Writer George RR Martin returns to progress on all projects related to the story game of thronesIncluding several series.

George RR Martin is a busy man. If he obviously wrote the literary series A song of ice and fire (known as in France iron throne), adapted for the small screen and became game of thronesOne of HBO’s biggest hits, he also works as a producer, screenwriter, and has recently been seen contributing to video games. Elden Ring.

And if he is involved in countless projects, he is known to be transparent in his progress with them, especially in a blog that he keeps, and in which he published a long message to say goodbye. Year 2021, one year “Gone in the blink of an eye”But that he would not regret, blame the epidemic, and the death of some celebrity or associate of the writer.

“Well, on the other hand, we’ve been waiting for the book for ten years.”

He also drew a chart of his work in progress in the next book in the series. A song of ice and fire, winter wind, But also in the received series. Thus, if he says that he made a lot of progress in 2021, but especially in 2020, regarding the writing of the last work of his literary story (without announcing where he was specifically), he gives some details of the series. HBO:

“I’m so excited so far. House of the Dragon [série réalisée par Ryan Condal centrée sur la maison Targaryen avec Matt Smith et Olivia Cooke, ndlr] Filming is over in London and is now in post-production. From what I saw, I liked it. I’m dying to see more. I’m also excited about the other series that make up the successor to Game of Thrones, though. I’m dying to tell you this too, but I can’t, so…”

Alas, it is customary to see that writers want to tell us more about their children without the ability. In his fantasy Santa Claus hood, George RR Martin still had some revelations for us:

“What else can I tell you? Let’s see. Rome series creator and showrunner Bruno Heller Corliss is writing the script for the pilot of the series about Velarion. It was originally called Nine Voyages, but we decided to call it The Sea Snake, since we have a number in the title. I wanted to avoid having multiple series including The other is the Ten Thousand Ships, Nymeria series.

House of the Dragon: Pictures, Emma D'Arcy, Matt SmithAnd we’re still waiting for an official date for House of Dragons

The third live-action series is the Dunk and Egg series, directed by Steve Conrad. My team and I had a great session with Steve and he was determined to make a faithful adaptation, which is what I wanted. […] The first season will be an adaptation of the short story The Errant Knight.

HBO and HBO Max should take on plenty of projects around the writer’s universe. For the parent channel, these will be live-action projects, while HBO Max is expected to get animated series. George RR Martin did not comment on the number of these series that would be well integrated, we think for example that the series with Naomi Watts was abandoned after its pilot. One thing is for sure, he hopes they end up well on our screens. We hope so, George, we hope so.


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