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Google: #1 in crypto investment – $1.5 billion spent on blockchain

Googling the moon? – Web giant 2 Googlerun by the company Alphabetmakes no secret of its interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Not wanting to miss out on the web 3 revolution, the company has even developed a team in order to build themselves in this new digital environment. From September 2021 like this 1.5 billion dollars which were spent on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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Google (Alphabet): leading blockchain investor

According to a recent analysis by Blockdata, Alphabetthe parent company of Google, would be a company who invests the most in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Ranking of companies that have invested the most in blockchain and cryptocurrencies – Source: Blockdata

Indeed, data collected from 100 of the world’s leading banks is what made it possible to reach this conclusion. From September 2021 to mid-June 2022, the report identified those who invested the most. The list of honor includes:

  • Alphabet (1.5 billion of invested dollars);
  • BlackRock (1.17 billion of invested dollars);
  • Morgan Stanley (1.11 billion of invested dollars);
  • Samsung (979 million of invested dollars).

Alphabet remains at the top of this honor roll with 1.5 billion dollars invested in cryptocurrencies via 4 investments :

  • Fireblocks;
  • Dapper Labs;
  • Voltage;
  • Digital Currency Group.

In the second position, we also find BlackRock with 1.17 billion dollars invested 3 companies :

  • Circle;
  • FTX;
  • AnchorageDigital.

However, the report points this out these amounts may be higher. We do not know the total investment of each fundraiser.

It is interesting to note that many banks of the traditional finance are present in this table (Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, for example), thus showing their interest in cryptocurrencies.

For them, all these companies have invested more than 6 billion dollars in blockchain startups thus confirming that the path to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and so-called web 3 technologies seems clear. Moreover, despite the crypto winter falling on our portfolios, fundraising they were never as important and numerous as now.

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