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Hebdo Crypto #198 – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News of the Week

Briefly about the week of 27.06. News about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly boiling. It can happen that crucial information gets lost in the daily flow of information and you miss important points. This format is here to fix that. We come back tonews from the past weekCrypto Weekly to inform you about the current situation with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto news in a nutshell

Celsius is much worse than banks. Indeed, documents uncovered by the Wall Street Journal show poor risk management by Celsius. Unsecured credit, poor asset-to-equity ratio, nothing wrong.

The Ronin Bridge rises from the ashes. Indeed, it has just restarted after a 4 month shutdown following the hack. In addition, the project teams announced that they will compensate all injured users.

Leak on Opensea. NFT trading platform Opensea was the target of a massive data breach. Therefore, many email addresses were leaked through one of his subcontractors.

Coinbase is ending Coinbase Pro. So the company announced that it will close the platform at the end of the year. The goal is to bring all Coinbase services together in one place.

$3.6 billion found in the Terra Luna case. So a report has just come out that confirms suspicions of embezzlement.

▶ Sami and Benoit return with Marc Zeller from Aave and Abdelhamid Bakht from Onlydust.

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6 metrics of the week

200IT IS the number of BTCs from 2010 that have just been moved. So, 12 years after the blasting, several addresses issued transfers to one and unique address. Would the owner want to cash in his $4 million?

670 million dollarsIT IS the amount Voyager Digital is seeking from Three Arrow Capital. Unfortunately for the lender, 3AC appears to be avoiding contact with its creditors.

480IT IS number of BTC just bought by MicroStrategy. So, it uses the price drop to increase the number of BTC in its coffers.

1.5 million dollarsIT IS the amount returned by the XCarnival protocol hacker. In practice, he stole $3 million. He eventually agreed with the team to keep the $1.5 million prize.

100 millionIT IS amount stolen by an attacker on Harmony’s Horizon Bridge. However, the latter does not seem inclined to negotiate and has committed to transferring funds through Tornado Cash to cover his tracks.

Hebdo Crypto: XCarnival Hacker Laundered Funds.

1%IT IS the proportion of users who have 90% of the voting power in DAOs. Therefore, the Chainalysis report highlighted the lack of decentralization of most DAOs.

Hebdo Crypto: A Less Decentralized DAO

Tweet of the week

For the tweet of the week, we’ll return to the topic he suggested @Jeffmakvs who asked themselves: Which stock market best managed the last bull run?

Have a great week at Journal du Coin! 🙂

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