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Hebdo Crypto #200 – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News of the Week

Briefly about the week of 07/11 – News about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly boiling. It can happen that crucial information gets lost in the daily flow of information and you miss important points. This format is here to fix that. We come back tonews from the past weekCrypto Weekly to inform you about the current situation with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto news in a nutshell

The Federal Reserve is interested in the Lightning Network. So he commissioned a study on Bitcoin’s second layer solution.

Protocol Aave announces GHO its stablecoin. This will take the form of an over-collateralized stablecoin, with an issuance mechanism similar to that of DAI.

The phishing attack behind the Axie Infinity hack. One of the engineers allegedly downloaded a job offer containing malware. This gave the attacker access to the “administrator keys” of the protocol.

Sorare signs a partnership with Zinedine Zidane. The emblematic French player thus becomes an ambassador and character of the game.

Twitter scams on the rise. Several new scams abound on Twitter, you need to be careful with them and adopt good practices to avoid being scammed.

The ECB is still at war with stablecoins. In its latest report, the ECB claims that stablecoins could have harmful effects on the financial system.

▶ Video presentations of the Cosmos blockchain and its application ecosystem.

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5 metrics of the week

400,000IT IS the number of sETH recovered by Celsius after paying off one of its decentralized loans on Aave. In addition, the company also paid back debts which allowed it to recover 63 million dollars he Aave.

55.7 billion dollarsIT IS the amount of Krug company’s reserves, originating from the USDC. There are $42.12 billion in short-term US Treasuries 13.58 billion dollars cash.

8 million dollarsit’s about of the amount stolen in a phishing attack targeting Uniswap. In total, more than 7,000 ETH they were stolen by the attacker.

70 million dollarsIT IS the amount Vauld lost in a falling market. In practice, some of these funds were lost in the fall of UST Terra Luna.

in 2023IT IS the year for which the Banque de France has set the launch of the e-euro. Announcing that it would be “ready to provide central bank money as a means of settlement as early as 2023”.

Tweet of the week

the tweet weeks amounts @Superphiz. This presents the roadmap as well as the estimated dates for the implementation of The Merge on Ethereum. The merger could come in early September 2022.

Have a great week at Journal du Coin! 🙂

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