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“Hello Earth?”, here’s the future Michel-Ceres meeting…

The second edition of the Michel-Cerres Philosophical Meeting will take place in November. The cross-cutting theme of all events and conferences will be ecology.

The Michel-Cerres Philosophical Meeting in November 2021 was a great success. This cultural event was conducted at the baptismal font and corresponded to a promise that Agen had made to the French academic (and from Garonne): Ceres to pay homage to Michel, creating a place for meeting and reflection in his beloved city in line with his work.

Objective, 15,000 festival-goers

The theme chosen by the organizers (i.e. Association les amis de Michel Serres) was then “Five senses”, and this first edition was crowned with success as less than 5,000 people (adults and children) took part in the event.

The 2022 edition will take place from 11 to 13 November and will refocus on Place Esquirrel. This is where the book fair will take place and the three sites of the town hall, the fine arts museum and the Ducourneau theater will host conferences and workshops for children.

Youth will also be at the heart of the event, as schools will be involved upstream in the meeting. Views will be introduced from kindergartens and primary schools, thanks to a special group of young audiences. Organizers want to open the door to the meeting, to make the vision “uncompromised” and accessible, if not obvious to everyone. Did the 2022 meeting bring together 5,000 people? In 2022, the target will be 15,000.

Purpose Moon? This is obviously a famous Tintin album, and we know that Michel Serres was fond of Herz (he would even dedicate a book to the young reporter). In the blink of an eye, the organizers decided that this year the theme would be “Hello Earth”.

“Fundamental, joyful and urgent reflection”

Projecting ourselves too far will not distance us from the beautiful world, which is plagued by so many troubles today. “The possibility of contemplating the Earth from space is one of the greatest events in contemporary history,” wrote the festival’s two curators, Martin Legros and Sven Ortoli (from Philosophy Magazine). It is an extraordinary power: man has torn himself away. Earth’s ark to explore the skies reserved for the gods. her anchor forever. But it is a force that corresponds to a disturbing and painful realization of the fragility of our planet whose habitability is threatened by our own actions (…) The new “world war” we are waging against Earth, Michel Serres in his concept of the natural contract. With offers a response to this challenge: it is able to guarantee a new eternal peace, in a new city of nature and its representatives (forests, mountains, rivers, animal species) (…) The second edition of the Michel-Serres Philosophical Meetings invites you to this world Basic, joyful and urgent reflection steps.”

The public will be invited to actively participate in these three days of reflection and meetings through conferences, round tables, debates, but also shows and film-philo sessions or dedications.

“Hello world?” Undoubtedly, this is a unifying theme that makes water resources, food, overconsumption, energy of yesterday and tomorrow, deforestation, etc. possible in our modern society. Everyone will find their place: Meetings are aptly named…


The British thinker will be the honorary president of the 2022 Michel-Serres meeting Timothy Morton, One of the most influential voices in contemporary ecology. Other Guests:

Frederick WormsPhilosopher, Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at Normal Snake, Committee Member

National Ethics Advisor

Gregory Cohendigestion

Jean-Louis EtiennePhysician and explorer, the first man to reach the North Pole and Antarctica alone

Gad ElmalehComedian, Actor, Director

Jamie GormaudJournalist, presenter, popularizer

Raphael ImbertSaxophonist

Jean-Loïc Le Coillec, author of “The Man of Lascaux and the Enigma of the Well”; “Cro-Magnon Parietal Art”

Joel Jaskthe philosopher

Dominic BurgPhilosopher, professor specializing in environmental issues, former President of the Scientific Council of the Nicolas-Hulot Foundation

Harvey Le TreatClimatologist

Francois Vimex, Climatologist

Olivier PoiriolPhilosopher, Essayist

– etc

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