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Here’s how Ukraine spent donations!

Russia has invaded Ukraine since February 24, 2022, taking control of various cities in the country. In order to overcome this invasion, which caused a huge loss of human life and property, Ukraine received the support of several countries around the world. And the crypto community did not miss the call: it poured an impressive amount to help the Ukrainian population! Find out what the Ukrainian government did with the cryptocurrency donations it received.

$54 million worth of cryptocurrency used to defend Ukraine

Through tweet On August 17, Mykhailo Fedorov reported on how Ukraine spent crypto donations. Actually $54 million in cryptocurrencies raised by Aid For Ukraine made it possible to equip the country’s defenders. The funds were mainly used for the purchase of military equipment, vehicles, armored clothing and medicines.

According to a Ukrainian government official, these crypto helpers played “an important role in the defense of Ukraine“. Indeed, $11.8 million made it possible to purchase drones, carry out attacks. $6.9 million was spent on the purchase of body armor. Ukraine spent $5.2 million on conducting anti-war media campaigns.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov said:Every helmet, bulletproof vest and night vision device saves the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Therefore, we must continue to support our defenders. Thank you so much to everyone in the crypto community for supporting Ukraine!“.

Aid to Ukraine managed to collect 54 million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. This amount helped Ukraine immensely in the war against Russia. It must be said that the aid was paid out specifically in ether (10,190 ETH) and in bitcoin (595 BTC).

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