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How these two British symbols are connected

Nothing predestined Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign. A rule when she rubbed shoulders with the stars until the most famous secret agents: James Bond. The fate of the Queen of England was written with the great cinematography, including Agent 007, another national treasure of the Kingdom.

James Bond and Elizabeth II are “the two absolute icons of the United Kingdom” today, according to the magazine’s senior correspondent Jerome Caron. point of view. “From then on, they were practically born at the same time. James BondIan Fleming’s first book, which follows the adventures of 007, was published in 1953, the year of Elizabeth II’s coronation. Especially since they meet often over the years. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service With George Lazenby.

We have seen it all Previews of James Bond (He was replaced by Charles and William until the final film with Daniel Craig). It was because she quickly realized that she was the second icon of the country or at least the strike force. A highly efficient and almost autonomous ‘Made in Britain’ sales force, he continues.

The explosion of this union takes place during the opening ceremony London Olympics. We see Daniel Craig climbing the steps of Buckingham Palace in the short film, which begins spectacularly with James Bond music. A butler opens the door. He stands in what we assume to be the Crown Office. The camera turned on and on – surprise – Elizabeth II, the real one.

“So British” a mix of genres

“It was completely English, completely successful, Jerome Caron continues. You have monarchy, humor, second degree, self-mockery and, at the same time, a kind of authority. Huge room Performed by James Bond. There we see the intersection between knowledge, image, brand, icon and absolute symbol.

Elizabeth II succeeded in combining modernity, tradition and sustainability. She is a person in a bubble, always one, in shiny little dresses, with her little hats. And she managed to evolve with the times and will remain an icon long after her death. Because really, between the number of performances, the duration, and the number of things it inspired; It remains a symbol of the times And a whole century,” the journalist concluded.

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