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Idris Elba (of course!) could be the next James Bond.

Daniel Craig has left his mark on his films. James Bond More than ten years. Now that the actor wants to devote himself to other projects, it is important to find a suitable replacement for him. Meanwhile, their fans have got James Bond: Idris Elba. The actor’s name comes up several times in possible translations of a British spy. This time, it seems to be happening.

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Idris Elba as James Bond?

According to some rumors, Idris Elba is in talks to star in the next James Bond film. Indeed, the actor is so popular among fans of the franchise that the production hesitates to cast him as an antagonist or protagonist. Indeed, in In 2021, Broccoli Craig, who is said to have no time to die, was thinking of Daniel before he caught him.

According to a source at The Secret of the Gods: “Idris has been in talks for a role in the next James Bond story for a long time and was considered for an antagonist role last year. However, after conducting secret market research, the producers realized how popular he would be, so talk of the actor’s role continued. It was rated highly among the various moviegoers who were invited to attend. They didn’t want to see him as a hero, but as a narcissist. »

Color issue

If you don’t discuss Idris Elba’s acting qualities, choosing to portray 007 caused a wave of controversy on social networks because of his skin color. For some fans, it was unacceptable that a black actor could play the role of James Bond, which is always played by Caucasian men. Idris Elbaum spoke about this.

“Someone said, ‘Would you like to play James Bond?’ If I say ‘Yes! It’s attractive to me. But it’s not something I describe as, ‘Yeah, I want to be the black James Bond,’” the actor said in an earlier exchange.

“When people of a generation say ‘it’s impossible’, we give up. And it happens to be my skin color… and then if I get it and it doesn’t work or does it work is it because of my skin color? It’s a difficult position to put myself in unnecessarily,” he added.

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