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In Japan, James Bond is played by a woman in the theater

Suzuho Makaze She will be the first woman to embody the original spy. James BondMarch 2023 in Japan. According to Saga’s official website MI6, The Japanese actress gets into the skin of Agent 007, and this as a human. The drama is written by Shuichiro Koike – Based on the novel by Ian FlemingIn the year Released in 1953 and performed by the Takarazuka Revue Company. This will happen next May in Tokyo. It is called creation Casino Royale: My name is BondAnd it can be adjusted very freely.

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A response to Kabuki

In the year Created in 1913, the Takarazuka revue has always given its role to women. This, regardless of the character’s gender. The group openly opposes the traditional Japanese theater called kabuki, where the characters are played exclusively by men, including female actors.

The cinema, meanwhile, won’t be seeing a woman in a James Bond suit anytime soon. In an interview b Difference In 2020, the manufacturer Barbara Broccoli He can be of any color, but he must remain human […]. I am not interested in changing the male role played by a woman.


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