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Inter-sectoral analysis AOF Wall Street – US indices confirm their decline

(AOF) – The US markets are in danger due to the announcements from the ECB. Not only will it raise its main policy by 25 basis points in July, but it has opened the door to a rise of 50 basis points in September. This “hawkish” statement by the ECB led to a new rise in long-term rates: +3 basis points to 3.05% for the 10-year American bond. Around 5:30 pm, the Dow Jones lost 0.43% to 32,770 points and the Nasdaq Composite, 0.60% to 13,014 points.

Alibaba fell by 5.80% to $112.68 on Wall Street as the Chinese e-commerce giant has increased recently. China’s financial regulators have begun preliminary discussions about an IPO for its investment group, Ant Group, Bloomberg said, citing people familiar with the matter. The company took action on the Wechat account, saying it had no intention of going public.

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In the United States, 229,000 jobless cases were registered in the week of June 4, against the Bloomberg consensus of 206,000. It rose to 202,000 last week.

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Chipotle is introducing Watermelon Limeade, its first seasonal beverage made in partnership with Tractor Beverage. The watermelon-flavored drink was tested in 2021 in Atlanta, Kansas City and Orange County, California, before being added to menus. It is available in the US and Canada and 5% of the proceeds will be donated to farmer charities.


Spotify wants a margin of 30% to 35%, up from 28.5% this year. A successful advertiser wants to accelerate his investment to increase the number of users. The company is on track to hit 1 billion by 2030. It currently has 422 million a month. In the end, the group hopes that interest will increase by 10 by the end of the next ten years to reach 100 billion dollars.

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UBS raised its opinion from Neutral to Buy on Tesla stock, while maintaining its price target of $1,100. If the project has lost 35% since the beginning of the year, the broker believes that the prospects for electric car manufacturers are more reliable than ever, mainly because of the record book and the increase in capacity on the part of gigacfactories. .

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