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Is James Bond saving cinema? In any case, it fills the rooms!

007 | We won’t spoil the ending of “Die Can Wait.” We can tell you that in his fifth and final appearance on screen in a James Bond tuxedo, Daniel Craig is making a successful exit. The audience is there. It is the most beautiful presence of 2021 on the go!

James Bond, his Aston Martin, his iconic soundtrack and blue-eyed actor have everyone hooked, and their heads are up. It is side by side. Leah Seydoux And Lashana Lynch That’s what he said. Daniel Craig It finally included the iconic English spy. In the first stage of “dying”. May Wait” in London, the legendary agent 007 was applauded by Prince Charles, his son, Prince William and their wives.

Released in theaters from September 30 and in France on October 6, James Bond is already a huge hit and has more to offer. 300 million dollars Of the worldwide revenue, the Chinese market has not yet been taken into account. British Spy crushed the competition and topped the box office charts.

James Bond fills the rooms, the best start of the year in France

  1. “Dying Can Wait”: 1,384,858 entries (new) – 812 copies

  2. “Dune”: 275,234 admissions (4th week) – 753 copies

  3. “Black Box” 100,553 admissions (5th week total 970,224) – 515 copies

  4. “Bac nord” 89,864 admissions (8th week total 2,040,604) – 429 copies

  5. “Shang-Chi” 63,480 admissions (6th week total 1,304,432) – 525 copies

The movie that offers the best opening post cvid-19has a tangible impact on the film industry. According to the figure Cbo-Box-Office; The theatrical release increased the cinema audience by 25%. In its one week release in 812 French cinemas, 007 made a legend. 1.38 million Entries Far future Dunes And Black box It made 275,000 respectively And 970 000 logins in a month.

For his latest mission, Daniel Craig has reached into his pocket. 29 million dollars. This is his biggest stamp to include Bond. The saga cost more than $250 million to produce. (216 million euros) For the feature film. “Death Can Wait” ends the final episode “Spectre”. (2015)It cost $245 million.

Originally slated for 2020, the film has seen multiple delays due to the pandemic. The new opus of James Bond It was released more than a year late, which caused strong rumors in the media chosen by the producer. Despite the suggestions from the distribution platforms, the fans will be able to find the actor in the role of a spy in dark rooms.

“Death can wait” no more Sky Fall (2012) It was the biggest card of the saga, but the figures are up to the expectations of production. Thanks to his role in the famous saga Daniel Craig He has become a legend and now has a star in his name on the walk. Fame Hollywood. If we are not sure who will choose the seventh actor to play the iconic James Bond, Daniel Craig bows down to a successful mission!

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