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Is the PS5 still worth 550 euros?

Sony has announced a 10% price hike for its PlayStation 5. For you, is it too expensive or is the console still worth it? Tell us in our poll of the week.

The PlayStation 5 // Source: Friendroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

This week, Sony announced a nearly 10% price hike for its latest home console, the PlayStation 5. Individually, from August 25, the price of the PlayStation 5 has increased from 500 to 550 euros, including the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. 400 to 450 euros. A price increase that is justified by Sony challenges “Global Economic Environment”. It should be clearly understood that inflation has gone through, as has the change in the value of the euro against the dollar.

After Sony’s announcement, Microsoft and Nintendo, for their part, responded by indicating that no price changes were planned for their respective consoles. At Microsoft, the Xbox Series X will therefore be at 499 euros while the Xbox Series S will still appear at 300 euros. Nintendo has no plans to raise the price of the Nintendo Switch. Note that Nintendo does not offer a suggested retail price and leaves it up to resellers to set their prices.

If the price of the PlayStation 5 goes up by around 10% – 12.5% ​​for the digital version – scary, remember that the increase is less than the price of a single game. AAA sold on PlayStation. Sony has actually allowed publishers to sell their games on their platform for 80 Euros now. Specifically, the PlayStation 5 is therefore cheaper than the price of the PS5 and a game a week ago.

A PS5 that has become too expensive?

We wanted to collect your opinion with this material in context pose. For you, PS5 is too expensive now or is it still worth it? Answer our survey of the week.


Is the PS5 still worth 550 euros?

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