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ITF Futures – Montauban 2022 – Results – Timo Legout in Spotlight – Sports Info – Ski

ITF Futures – Montauban 2022 – Clay

Prize money: $25,000


No. 1 Kenny De Scheper (FRA/ATP 367)

No. 2 Harold Mayotte (FRA/ATP 420)

Live and results are here

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Tuesday, June 21

Ugo Blanchet, TDS 3, won his first match easily and reached the 1/8 finals, as did Theo Arribeg. On the other hand, Maxence Broville lost in three sets against Russian Mikalai Haliak.

Wednesday, June 22

Axel Garcian, Joe Misrahi, Hugo Pontico, Timo Legout, Jurgen Briand, Harold Mayot, Robin Bertrand, Rayane Stable, Kenny De Schepper and Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard all qualified for the 1/8 finals.

Thursday 23 June

Three 100% French duels today with wins for Timo Legout, Jurgen Briand and Kenny de Scheper against Hugo Pontico, Axel Garcia and Ryan Stable.

Another match between the French, in the evening, with the victory of Giovanni Mpetschi Pericard against Joe Misrahi.

Friday, June 24: 1/4 finals

Shaper’s Kenny Vs. Timo layout : 4/6 5/7

Jurgen Briand vs Robin Bertrand: 6/3 6/4

Mikalai Halyak (RUS) vs Hugo Blanchett: 6/4 6/4

Giovanni Mpetschi Pericard vs. Harold Mayotte: 7/5 7/5

Saturday 25th June: 1/2 Final

Timo Legout (ATP 775) vs Jurgen Briand (ATP 574): 5/7 7/5 7/6

Mikalai Halyak (ATP 993) vs. Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard (ATP 522) : 3/6 6/4 6/7

Sunday 26 June: Final

Timo layout vs Giovanni Mpetschi Perricard: 6/3 3/6 6/4


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