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ITF Futures – Périgueux 2022 – Results – Selena Janicijevic wins tournament – Sports Infos – Ski

ITF Futures – Engie Open Périgord 2022 – Clay

Prize money: $25,000

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Tuesday, June 21

Audrey Albié, Oceane Babel, Flavia Brugnone qualified for the 1/8th finals. The tournament is over for Julie Belgraver, Lucy Nguyen Tan, Marin Szostak, Evita Ramirez, Melis Bugrat and Tianswa Sarah Rakotomanga Rajaonah.

Wednesday, June 22

Marine Pertaud, Lucie Wergnier, Selena Janicejevic, Margaux Ravroy joined the 1/8th finals. On the other hand, it does not pass for Alice Tubelo, Mayel Leclerc, Emma Lane, Margot Erolimos, Jade Bourne, Jenny Lim and Emmeline Darton.

Thursday 23 June

We note today the success of Audrey Albi against Osen Babel, the abandonment of Flavi Brugnone against Andre Gamiz. Margaux Ravroy lost in straight sets to Ukrainian Strakhova.

Friday, June 24: 1/4 finals

Katharina Hobgarsky (ALL / TDS 1) vs. Audrey Albee: 6/3 6/4

Mira Andreeva (Ras) vs. Andrea Gamiz (FRI): 6/4 3/6 6/1

Lucy Vernier Vs Selena Janicejevich : 1/6 2/6

Marine Pertaud vs Valeria Strakhova (UKR)

Saturday 25th June: 1/2 Final

Katharina Hobgarski (WTA 281) vs Mira Andreeva (15, WTA 838): 4/6 6/3 6/1

Selena Jeniczevic (WTA 334) vs Marine Pertaud (WTA 417): 6/3 6/1

Sunday 26 June: Final

Katharina Hobgarsky Vs Selena Janicejevich : 3/6 2/6


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