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James Bond 007: How Daniel Craig Completely Cracked the Saga’s Code

After the charismatic Pierce Brosnan, the British actor Daniel Craig played the number 007 in 2006. The new MI6 agent was admired in Casino Royale and this can wait until the death of the last opus. So Craig’s James Bond puts his hand out with pride, and not without shedding a few tears from his saga fans. The actor completely revamped the franchise, breaking the code and bringing a touch of modernity.

More romantic than the previous 007 agent

When we think of the name James Bond, one word immediately comes to mind: sex drive. All the 007s in the cinematographic saga have this strong ability to seduce and do not hesitate to court every woman who passes in front of their eyes. Of course, after a few turns under the sheets, all of these Bonds are easily stripped of their victories.

All except one: Craig 007. In his first film, Casino Royale, the MI6 agent doesn’t just take James Bond’s girlfriend on an adventure. The lover made her! This is the first time since Sega’s inception that 007 has fallen under a female field agent.

The lucky winner, Vesper Lind, is considered “James Bond’s first true love.” She will also have an important place in Craig’s heart after his death in Casino Royale.

A few years later, this same Craig fell in love with another James Bond girl. This time he chooses Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), not without saying a final goodbye to the late Vesper. A goodbye that almost cost him his life, because Swann is the daughter of Mr. White, one of the members of the Specter organization.

Despite all this, 007 did not give up his love for the young woman and even ended up having a child with her. In the farewell season of Waiting for Death, we see a sincere Craig, gentler and more loving than ever. So the unflinching, heartless spy broke this popular myth by speaking his last words of love to his wife and son.

Presence and diversity of women

How can you not talk about James Bond without talking about women? Since it was created by Ian Fleming, this license has distinguished itself by the presence of a strong woman in all ops.

In the five films starring Daniel Craig, several women have succeeded: Vesper Lind (Eva Green), Solange Dimitrios (Katrina Murino), Camille Montes (Olga Kurylenko), Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton), Severine (Bérénice Marlohe) and the. Kors, Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux).

All these women marked the career of Agent 007 and directly or indirectly affected his life. Unfortunately, not all had the same fate. A few survived their adventure with the MI6 spy unscathed, while others ended up six feet under.

However, they all brought their share of help when it came to Bond (and connections, if any). The diversity of their nationalities is amazing! These James Bond girls are an integral part of Daniel Craig’s life as 007, making the five films more interesting and diverse than ever.

Young Q… and gay?

Every spymaster has his armor. For James Bond, it’s Q. Unlike the other antagonists in the saga, we’re treated to a young agent who qualifies as a “geek” to some.

So we say goodbye to the butler image of Peter Burton, Desmond Llewellyn or John Cleese. The new Q in the 007 saga – Daniel Craig is played by Ben Whishaw, who looks like a freshman out of college.

He is the first gay companion in all James Bond films. A sequence in Waiting for Die Chan illustrates this succinctly. Q is planning a romantic dinner for two, but 007 and Moneypenny enter the house.

He admitted in frustration It should arrive in 20 minutes And that it is the first time to meet the mysterious guest. An innocuous copy, but one that doesn’t go unnoticed in the LGBTQ community.

The gay reference in Skyfall and M

According to the producers of Skyfall, Agent 007 will have a homosexual experience during his previous mission. Of course, they don’t appear in the films starring Daniel Craig, but this does not cover the gender diversity of the MI6 spy.

Let’s go back to 2012 to experience the adventures of a British secret agent in Skyfall. In one scene, Bond is tied to a chair. Raul Silva (his arch-rival) stood in front of him and unbuttoned his shirt, stroking his neck and chest before dropping onto his lap. I guess there is a first time for everything. “. The secret agent replies very calmly: ” What makes you think it’s my first time? »

This reference to 007’s gay experience was almost certainly cut during editing. Fortunately, the Film producer Barbara Broccoli knew how to handle the pressure of the studio.

The studio told us to cut that line and we said no. On the first night, this recording had the whole class reacting. I looked at the head producer of the studio and said, “See? i told you. » “.

Also in Skyfall, out of all the James Bond films, this is the first time that the lead role was killed off by the producers. This is none other than Agent M, the sponsor of all missions in MI6.

The boss lady, played by actress Judi Dench, passed away in 007’s arms during the Skyfall mansion raid. Another human touch, vulnerability and broken legend with Daniel Craig James Bond.

Agent 007: Female?

This is one for the first time! Daniel Craig leaves the role of James Bond with panache 15 years after his first appearance in Casino Royale. After his death in the last opus, he can wait to die, the actor will definitely put his hands, but not for 007! This visual code name will live on in time and someone is already ready to pick up the torch.

Finally, when we say a person, it is not a man, but a woman. This is British actress Lashana Lynch, Bond’s new teammate in Waiting for the Dying Chan.

Everything points to her being destined to be the new 007. In the same film, a former MI6 agent spends her peaceful days in Jamaica, taking on the famous code name.

With the death of Daniel Craig James Bond, will the young actress live up to her new role? Nothing is certain at the moment. However, it completely changes the basic concept of consent based on masculinity and “Caucasian” behavior.

Let’s remember: it was Daniel Craig himself who asked her to wear the 007 costume in light of the #MeToo movement. History to follow!

Article published on 05/26/2022 at 6:25 pm

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