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James Bond 26: The first shooting date for the next film

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has spoken about the future of the 007 franchise and given a shooting date for the next film.

Released last year He has no time to die (2021) indicated the last aspect Daniel Craig As James Bond, the character he took on for the first time in 2006 Casino Royale.

The first films in the franchise Daniel Craig It shows the origin of the character and each ops is directly connected. The last appearance of the actor in the skin of the famous agent of his majesty especially indicated his spirit, because he killed 007 in the first Bond film. Therefore, the Daniel Craig It has a beginning and an end.

You should know that the saga has been slightly reworked with each translator, but updated Daniel Craig It really rebooted the franchise. Regarding the future of Bond in the cinema, the producers Barbara Broccoli And Michael G. Wilson Look to reinvent the franchise.

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Barbara Broccoli Deadline tells us about the future James Bond And the next interpreter:’No one is in the running. We are thinking and discussing how to choose it. There’s no script until we decide how to present the next film and we can’t come up with one because it’s really about recreating Bond. We are re-creating his identity and it will take time.

The producer has announced the shooting date of the next film.Recording will take place in at least two years.

James Bond 26 So, filming should begin in 2024 for a projected 2025 release.

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