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James Bond is played by a woman


firstJames Bond is played by a woman

In Japan, the actress plays the famous spy in the theatrical adaptation of “Casino Royale”.

Actress Suzuho Makaze plays James Bond, the character who remains male in the story.


The debate has raged for years: Can James Bond be played by a woman? Not Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the 007 films, not at all. This works for cinema, but not for theater.

Comedian Suzuho Makaze He announced that he will be playing the famous spy in the theatrical adaptation of “Casino Royale” in 2023. This will be a double debut for BFMTV as the hero created by Ian Fleming has never performed on stage.

All female team

And if Bond is going to be played by an actress, it’s because there was no other choice: Tarakazuka Revy is actually an all-female team. This troupe takes its name from its hometown, Tarakazuka, and is the female equivalent of traditional kabuki, where women’s roles are played by men.

Therefore, on stage, the character of James Bond will always be a man, explains the site MI6-HQ, And all male roles are filled by women. Titled “Casino Royale: My Name is Bond,” the game will be held in Tarakazuka before being shown in Tokyo. This adaptation takes great liberties with the novel, as Bond goes to a French hotel during May 68, where he meets the descendants of the Romanovs, the Russian imperial family.

In the previous game, Suzuho Makaze played Sherlock Holmes.

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