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James Bond Success: Who Can Still Compete With Reggae-Jean Page?

Regé-Jean Page starred in a big-budget spy movie? Today he’s in “The Gray Man” on Netflix, but the James Bond series has been on everyone’s mind since it opened. And the “Bridgerton” star will see his name spread there.

A year and a half ago, his rank was not weakened in the nominations of the most interesting 7th art. Would Daniel Craig be the best candidate to revisit the 007 legend after his departure? The competition is tough. Our top 6.

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6 – Henry Cavill, Colossus

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Strong points. The impressive physical presence and the fun sense of self-mockery that found Henry Cavill in “Special Agents: Code UNCLE” (2015), then admire his twisted beard in “Mission: Impossible: Fallout” (2018).

Weak points. The role of a lifetime, Henry Cavill has already won. Tall, muscular, azure gaze and jaw of steel, this chibi old school boy has cut himself to look like Superman. Gold 007 is a bolder beast than a suit of glass. Originally considered too young for the role and rejected by Craig in 2005, Cavill, seventeen years later, looked too fleshy to fit a tuxedo. And then, at a time when James Bond’s all-inclusive trend is underway, doesn’t it seem like a bad sign to send off Cavill’s “GI Joe”?

5 – Tom Hardy, Scandal


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Strong points. His side and broken angel face refreshes the exercise brilliantly. And Tom Hardy proved in “Inception” (2010) as “Target” (2012), when he fought with another secret agent for the heart of Reese Witherspoon, that he had the creations of a hero, and not just an anti-hero.

Weak points. These arms have started to date. Weighted by the bad Marvel franchise (“Venom”) and the sad biography of Al Capone, Christopher Nolan’s favorite actor in 2010. He hasn’t made a good movie since “Dunkirk” in 2017. And now there is only “Peaky Blinders” to stay. Hardy applauded us in Bond, but five years ago.

4 – George McKay, the tormentor


Strong points. James Bond is a damned soul, a broken man, an eternal loner. And who better than the soldier who moved in “1917”? Especially since he confirmed the strangest “Wolf” (not published in France) trailer: the well-muscled frame, George McKay, when he takes trouble to dress.

Weak points. Yes, with her strawberry blonde and washed-out eyes, McKay exudes the British chic necessary to point to MI6. But also a lot of vulnerability. And at just 30 years old, does he have enough bottles to squeeze out several vodka martinis?

3 – Jacob Elordi, the poison


Strong points. Another step in the broken man’s record. A handsome villain in “Euphoria” was just the role for Jacob Elordi to get himself in the small papers of bookmakers. And really, his gift for playing a sociopath really accentuates Bond’s dark side, the herald of toxic men.

Weak points. As tradition dictates, Jacob Elordi says he does not ignore this point. But really, the Australian is just one role at the moment, and that CV risks being a bit short for Bond producers. Especially if these women continue to shoot forgettable romantic comedies and feed the public’s gazette, they are feeling protest. That Jacob is not a winning mind.

2 – Idris Elba, owner


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Strong points. If Henry Cavill Blows the Cold In 2010, Idris Elba has been blowing the heat since his sensational appearance in the 2010 detective series “Luther”. Magnetic, full of violence and contradictions, transcending borders and generations, he is a man of the situation. Or rather it was.

Weak points. The producers of Bond seem to want to give themselves until 2024 to wrap up the new Bond story arc. And “recreate” the feature. If Elba is one in diversity and popularity, the young 007 hypothesis is also on the table. The revival of “Batman” by Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeve seems to be at the school of critical and public success and opens up interesting perspectives for our favorite spy that we always knew in the forties. Exit the race immediately.

1 – Régé-Jean Page, chosen


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Strong points. After setting Netflix on fire with his role as the wizard Duke Hastings, Reggae-Jean Page managed to leave “The Bridgerton Chronicles” at just the right time. And as seen on “Saturday Night Live,” he looks very calm in his image. It’s enough to have fun without trying to prove anything. It allows Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, who had beefs in “The Gray Man,” to flex their muscles, all the better to look like buff conspirators. And he’s also content with a supporting role in the “Dungeons and Dragons” reboot. Smart.

Weak points. In fact, we searched… in vain. So far, Lenny Kravitz of Tea Houses has got it all. Rock star looks, Sean Connery’s eyebrow game, a distinctive English touch, same drama centerpiece Pierce Brosnan’s diploma, a few more years of advertising time (34 years), a slight lack of popularity franchise producers still enjoy, and of course the British-Zimbabwe pedigree that brings Bond into modernity. For good. That’s all there is, isn’t it?

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