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James Bond: The iconic character of all Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig films (besides 007).

The most prominent character in every James Bond film tends to be James Bond himself. 007, played by Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, is the shining star of all his adventures. But the mild-mannered spy in the icy tuxedo often has to share the spotlight with supporting players, from unsuspecting villains to mysterious love interests.

Brosnan’s Bond stars Xenia Onatopp as femme fatale and Wai Lin as badass secret agent, while Craig Bond stars as fearsome villain Lecifer and reckless CIA agent Paloma.

9 Golden Eye – Xenia Onatopp

Pierce Brosnan’s first Bond film Goldeneye kicks off his tenure in spectacular fashion with two of the franchise’s greatest villains. Alec Trevelyan, an ex-00 agent who turned his back on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, has a personal relationship with Bond that adds an emotional layer to their conflict. But his woman is a more compelling character.

Xenia Onatopp, brilliantly played by Famke Jansson, is a true femme fatale. She seduces enemy spies and then crushes them during sex. She is a cross between a “Bond girl” and a Bond villain.

8 Tomorrow Never Dies – Wai Lin.

Brosnan’s second 007 adventure, Tomorrow Never Dies, was criticized for its criticism of the media (although it has since been reviewed as a prescient satire). But it gets praise for its action sequences, thanks in large part to the contribution of screen icon Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin.

Yoh gave a memorable change with tomorrow never dies. He’s a more capable and badass secret agent than Bond himself, as he constantly shows.

7 The World Is Not Enough – Victor “Renard” Zokas

In World Not Enough, 007 confronts Earth’s most wanted terrorist, Victor “Renard” Zokas, a KGB agent and high-tech international criminal. Robert Carlyle brings the same unreal quality to Renard that he brought to the character of Begbie in the Trainspotting films.

Renard has a unique snort that makes him a memorable villain. The bullet in his brain left him in pain, giving him a significant advantage over 007 in their hand-to-hand combat.

6 Die Another Day – Jinx Johnson

Halle Berry gives a powerful performance as the main “Bond girl” in Die Another Day, NSA agent Jinx Johnson. Berry shows his action movie prowess in this amazing role. Jinx, nicknamed after she was born on Friday the 13th, takes part in all of the film’s most exciting action sequences.

Bond’s equal in movie star good looks and on-field skills, Jinx is set for a spin that, sadly, never happens.

5 Casino Royale – no

Craig completely recreated the Bond mythos in Casino Royale, refreshing Martin Campbell, but co-starred with Mads Mikkelsen. Mickelson gives a truly cool performance as the villainous Le Cipher.

The actor made Le Cipher terrifying in his homage to Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter. The scene where he brutally tortures a naked 007 in an empty chair is one of the most unnerving (and gripping) sequences in the entire Bond canon.

4 Solais Quantum – M

Quantum of Solace is generally considered the weakest Bond film of Craig’s tenure. The villainous Dominic Green is a universal industrialist, and none of the film’s “Bond girls” are particularly memorable. But there are some great scenes for Judi Dench’s Mr.

M is given a bigger role in Quantum of Solace than in previous films. This film establishes the motherly relationship she shares with 007, which is further explored in Skyfall.

3 Skyfall – Raul Silva

Skyfall is full of great secondary characters. Moneypenny reinvents itself as a field agent. Q The nerdy hipster fresh out of college is reimagined. Judi Dench’s M finds a tragic conclusion to her arc when a malicious ex-MI6 agent takes revenge on her. But this former agent steals all their light.

Javier Bardem became the first of three consecutive Oscar winners for his performance as Raul Silva for playing Bond villains. Bardem’s portrayal of Silva oscillates between admirable and evil. He is one of the few Bondian villains with a personal motivation who is sympathetic to their evil plans.

2 Specter – Mr. Hincks

Dave Bautista portrayed the SPECTER goon Mr. Hincks, giving the Bond series the most memorable hero of the Craig era. Before Hincks recreated the horrors of Casino Royale, it recalls classic Bond adventures ripped from the pages of a pulp novel.

Mr. Hincks defeats 007 on a high-speed train in The Orient Express by Sean Connery Bond and Red Grant in Love in Russia.

1 No time to die – Paloma

From Lashana Lynch’s Nomi as the new 007 to Rami Malek’s quiet villainous Lucifer Safin, there’s a great supporting cast in No Time to Die. But Ana de Armas’ Paloma blew them all out of the water.

Paloma only appears in a few scenes, but effortlessly steals the show. Bond is a CIA agent who helps infiltrate Blofeld’s birthday party in Cuba. Paloma is very funny and carefree. She says I have three weeks of training and it shows in her borderline-slapping enthusiasm.

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