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James Bond: We finally know why death can’t wait any longer


movie theaterBond: We finally know why death can’t wait

Daniel Craig, in the company of the production team of “No Time to Die”, which is slightly borrowed, explained that the desired fate for Agent 007 goes back in time.

Lashana Lynch, Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux and Cary Fukunaga at the World Premiere of ‘Dying Can Wait’ in London.

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In an interview with Daniel Craig and the team behind it “Dying can wait.” Much of the lead-up to “Different” (the latter of which was recorded in early December but released later that month) was devoted to the feature film’s controversial ending. And we can say at least they are talkers, especially Daniel Craig. It goes without saying that comments are also included Destroyers People who haven’t seen the movie may not want to know more. Enter here at your peril.

If you don’t know the ending of “Dying Can Wait” yet and want to continue the wonder, stop reading here…
You have been warned…

Indeed, it all unfolds in the film’s final minute (2h43) on the island of Liticifer Safin (Rami Malek), an agent of Her Majesty’s evil, exposed to a rain of missiles from the civilized world. He could not live. A tragic sacrifice for an agent infected with a deadly enemy virus.

“Did you know from the beginning?”

“Did you know from the beginning?” In response to the question, one of the producers, Michael G. Wilson, tried to play it down with humor, but Daniel Craig was more specific: “I’ll tell you the story even if nobody remembers it.” Or disagree with my version: it was in 2006, Barbara (Broccoli, the great leader of the franchise, Editor’s note) and I was driving to the premiere of “Casino Royale” (Bond introduced Daniel). After this, he was more likely to make another “bonds”. Barbara How much should I make? […] Four was the answer. I said yes; Can I finally kill him? She immediately answered yes. We shook hands. […]. In the end, she kept her word.

Barbara Broccoli added with a laugh: “Then I had to talk to Michael about it and we chose to wait to let the studio know.

The insistence that it should be naked

With the pressure of the journalist “Honestly, the reaction was negative for a long time,” said Variety’s Daniel Craig, who wanted to confirm that Craig’s conversation with Broccoli was a key moment when 007’s fate was sealed. Or rather, take it this way, I thought my idea was forgotten. And I didn’t even bring up the issue of Bond’s death until the fifth film (one more than expected from Craig, Editor’s note) was in preparation.

Then Michael Wilson was able to give his version: at the end of the fourth film (“Spectre”, editor’s note) we wanted Daniel to return and he was very reluctant. Finally we were able to tell ourselves that this is what we all wanted. That was the best way to close the loop. And then somehow, that was it Fleming (author of the novels, editor’s note) He sought, unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Bond in the novels “Kiss from Russia” and “You Only Live Twice.”

Spoiled oysters!

Cary Joji Fukunaga, director of “No Time to Die,” who was hired after Danny Boyle defected over “creative differences” (was it fate for Bond?), confirms that he had the decision to kill Bond. It was confirmed before the filming started. “It was one of the things that Barbara, Michael and Daniel informed me about. But the way it will end is yet to be determined. For example, when Bond blows up a rocket… or puts in “damaged oysters”, nothing short of better words than Daniel Craig. More seriously, Fukunaga shows that 007 could have been the victim of a stray bullet had it not been considered a very easy death.

On the other hand, “No Time to Die” at the end of the credits doesn’t reveal anything about “How James Bond Returns.” Daniel Craig underlines this but is careful to speculate. One thing seems certain: Craig wanted James Bond to die at the end of the cycle from the beginning. His producers chose to leave the subject under the carpet, but since they wanted him for a fifth film, they came up against a wall… Astrology or related props? We let you be the judge.

Live and die?

The latest “James Bond” ends his career in dark rooms. The result is considered very satisfactory by the manufacturers, and continues on small screens. The next part is the hope for 2024, which seems optimistic. There is plenty of time to speculate on the choice of actor to replace Daniel Craig and what method will be used to resurrect the man who does not wait for death. ‘Live and Die Again’ could be the title but clearly it should be ‘Thunderball’.

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