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James Bond: Why does 007 drink his martini from a shaker and not a spoon? – Cinema news

James Bond’s spy is known for drinking martinis made “from a shaker, not a spoon.” This very different question may have a real reason related to the profession practiced by 007. But the theories conflict.

“A Martini. With a shaker, not a spoon”. This question from James Bond has always caused a lot of ink to flow. Why especially in Shaker? Does a cocktail make it better? Is this part of Spy 007’s tactics?

In fact, there is not only one answer, because the concepts conflict. According to guest host Jamie Laing Podcast From Nick Grimshaw, here’s why:

As you can see, when you mix a martini, ice cream and lemonade with a spoon, everything goes together. If you use a shaker, the water will rise to the top and therefore, [Bond] He drinks the water first and can pretend to be drunk.

A comment on the comments of the professional bartenders in the comments of the Instagram video quickly followed:

It is better to mix the drink with a shaker with a spoon, so it is physically impossible. It’s because if you drink a shaken martini, it dilutes the drink even more, making you less drunk.

It makes him drink fast, we need to help him. The amount of alcohol in the glass is the same, but the dilution reduces the amount of alcohol consumed at once.

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Pierce Brosnan (007) and his martini

So who to believe? Legend has it that 007 creator Ian Fleming drank his martini this way, another way he wanted Bond to subtly order his drink, hence its authenticity. “Not with a spoon, but with a shaker.”. In the novel, Bond drinks a lot, and not just martinis. Intelligence method, complexity or the habit of the writer, everyone chooses, because to date, there is no answer.

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In general, is it better to make a martini with a shaker or a spoon? Even on this subject, the baristas do not agree. Some justify the use of a shaker, because it allows a uniform and very cold mixture. Others maintain that the shaking introduces a mixture of melted ice cubes, hence water. Therefore, the mixture should be avoided at all costs.

It is better to check which method is best for you, but in moderation, because alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.

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