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James Bond will never be a woman, the producer explains why

Since 1987, the producer of James Bond, Barbara Broccoli, did not want a woman to play the secret agent. The latter, however, has reasons to share with The Hollywood Reporter.

There’s no question of a female James Bond – Credit: Universal Pictures, MGM

Daniel Craig hangs up after 15 years as James Bond. in Dying can wait.The actor lives his last adventure as a secret agent and a question arises. Who can take on such an iconic role? The product will initiate a search for a qualified replacement. If Tom Holland does run, the mystery remains. But franchise producer Barbara Broccoli brings a new explanation. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the woman stated that she does not want a female version of James Bond. And she gives reasons for this decision.

James Bond will remain a man in the following films

Lashana Lynch is brilliant in 007 Dying can wait.. However, the actress is not James Bond but only wears a registration number. even if, The comedian received serious attacks from enthusiastic fans on social networks. And Barbara Broccoli remembers that James Bond She is not a woman and will not be in the future. But not to appease some disgruntled viewers, the producer has revealed her reasons.

I think it will be a man because a woman shouldn’t play James Bond. I believe in not just creating characters for women and having women play male roles. There are enough great roles for women and it is very important for me to make films for women. James Bond, on the other hand, must be English. And Britons can be of any ethnicity.

– Barbara Broccoli

Remember that the casting director recently shared the qualities necessary to embody James Bond. But this interview with Barbara Broccoli reveals valuable information. If the next actor is not white, it can be of another race. Since 1987, the producer of the franchise does not close this door. Daniel Craig, for his part, has stated that he has no interest in getting involved in the search for a successor.

Source: WGTC

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