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Line 14 South will share future station names: Le Kremlin-Biquetre and Gentilly Poster

Kremlin-Viketre Hospital or Kremlin-Viketre Gently – Vikretre Hospital? Two options proposed by Île-de-France Mobilities (IDFM) to name future stations of Line 14 extended to Orly Airport. Unlike other resorts whose proposed names are controversial, Le Kremlin-Biquetre and Gentilly are content with theirs.

Designed by Jean-Paul Viguier, the new station will be recognizable by its wooden beehive. Located in Kremlin-Bicêtre, next to the hospital (CHU) Bicêtre, Avenue Gabriel Peri, overlooking the A6 motorway, it will also be in the neighborhood of Gentilly. For two neighboring towns, it was obvious that the name of the station should include both of them. So they responded to a user suggestion launched by IDFM, the region’s transport authority, by choosing Kremlin-Bicêtre Gentilly – Hôpital Bicêtre.

© Archie of Viguier

We want the name to be a matter of strong consensus among Kremlinois and Gentilians. Our choice therefore falls on this proposal supported by the city of Arquil. Our agreement on this title is based on, but not limited to, the geographic location of the infrastructure under construction. The name echoes the elements of the various cities and traditions that have historically surrounded it. The station is part of the immediate vicinity of the Bicêtre Hospital. By referring to this unifying symbol, it is possible to identify our common attachment to public hospitals.”Motivate Patricia Tordzman, PCF Mayor of Gentilly, and Jean-Luc Laurent, MRC Mayor of Kremlin-Victor, in a joint press release.

© Archie of Viguier

The consultation is open to all users till July 4.
See Online Voting Platform.

© Archie of Viguier

A slight hiccup in the suggestion is that one of the two motions was not properly reported at the end of the vote, and Gently forgot… “In the accompanying documentation, it is well explained that Gentilly is part of the supertitle with the Kremlin-Viketre but we have asked the Ile-de-France mobilities to revise it for a week so as not to confuse people, so far without success.“, we explain in the office of the Mayor of Kremlin-Visetra.

By 2024, 20,000 passengers are expected at the station on this extended line, which will make it possible to reach Orly Airport in 13 minutes and Saint-Denis Pleyel in half an hour.

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