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Lyon Metropolis. RAS trains 8 future public transport drivers on an interim basis

As part of the “Acting for Women” approach, RAS Interim Agency, in partnership with Keolis, is launching a training course for 8 future drivers which will run until 2 September. After three months of training, 8 women aged 30 to 58 will have the “Professional Public Transport Driver’s Title on the Road”, giving them a D license through its equivalence, as well as FIMO Voyagers. The key for them is a stable and long-term career in the public transport sector, while for Keolis, the objective is “young girls and women who want to join the mobility profession”.

“The subject of the feminization of road transport comes up regularly in exchange, so there is a need to provide a strong response to customer expectations,” argues Amel Toag, RAS Interim Training Development Manager.

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