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Mask Singer: next season’s cast preview revealed

On August 23, The Mask Singer it will come back big on TF1. In anticipation of the start of the popular survey, the developer decided to make viewers wait by revealing two details about the gameplay.

TF1’s favourite, Camille Combal will soon take over the controls of Dancing with the stars. And starting Tuesday, August 23, viewers will find out the fourth season of The Mask Singer. Four years after the start of the program, there is something new to be expected from the side of the judges. Only Kev Adams keeps his seat, while Jarry, Anggun and Alessandra Sublet are replaced by Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc. And apparently, the new team is surprisingly compatible. “I was wondering if there could be a good deal between the researchers and honestly we are a good group, we have fun, we have fun” said defender Slimane to Le Parisien.

This season, 18 characters must be found by the quartet. And as in the previous season, two international stars will hide under the cloak. “This time we will have it again the person who will arrive at the race with spokes in the wheels because maybe it would be easy. The session will have two between different characters, without them knowing who they are singing with. There will be no crow but a spy played by a celebrity that it will also be necessary to reveal them”, explained producer Anthony Meunier in detail in The Parisian.

Who is hiding behind the clothes of the Baby and the Dalmatian?

With a history of making viewers salivate, the production has revealed on Twitter information about the cast of the next season. The Mask Singer. In this picture, when we find a Baby and a Dalmatian with long blond hair, we can read: “Our work was crowned by Molière“. “We don’t know if they exist electricity in the air between this Baby and this Dalmatian. But we can tell you thatthey have one thing in common”, explained the production. So, who could these two people be? Did they work together, or just a duet, as Anthony Meunier explained? The survey has begun!

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