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Micro-futures ETH – Ethereum becomes accessible to all traders

It’s not just whales in life – It has already been almost 4 years since CME Group’s Chicago Stock Exchange launched its first Bitcoin (BTC)-based futures contract. The penetration of cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial world has literally exploded, since the latest advancement in the provision of micro-futures in Ethereum (ETH), easily accessible on all exchanges, even modest ones.

After Bitcoin’s micro-futures, here’s Ethereum’s

In December 2017, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) offered the cryptosphere a first Futures contract (Future) On BitcoinQuite the 2nd of its kind, just days after the CBOE.

Recently the first hall Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are also accepted As for Bitcoin, the latest good news of crypto’s progress in traditional financing comes back to us from the futures market side.

In fact, this Monday, December 6, 2021, CME Group announced through a press release that it is again going to offer Micro futuresBut this time on the project Ethereum. They will be called “Micro Ether Futures”.

Twitter account CME Group

In May 2021, the Chicago Stock Exchange actually launched this type of futures contract for already small portfolios. in Bitcoin, and the latter was very successful.

“The launch of Micro Ether futures underscores the significant increase in liquidity we’ve seen for our cryptocurrency futures and options… these futures will provide an efficient and profitable way for a wide range of market participants (…)”

Tim McCourt, Head of Alternative Investment Products, CME Group

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The size of 0.1 ETH is accessible to as many people as possible

Each of these will represent the equivalent of a micro Ether futureOne tenth of etherie around $440 At the time of this writing.

These mini-contracts are similar to those of CME Group’s predecessors Cash settlement (US dollars), and therefore not so-called “physical” financial products with actual underlying ether.

According to CME data, the first day of trading on December 6 saw a 710 Mini-Treaty Vol To trade, 662 of them have open positions (open interest)

“The range of futures products offered by CME Group allows our trading and institutional investor clients to take advantage of trading opportunities and minimize risk. [volatilité] As investor demand for digital assets continues to increase (…) prices across all markets

Steve Sanders, executive vice president of marketing at Interactive Brokers.

It’s actually the entire crypto market that’s starting to benefit from new money from institutional investors, and not just Bitcoin. Just a few days ago, the Solana (SOL) project benefited from a dedicated fund from Grayscale.

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