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Montpellier: Bustram’s future Line 4 and 5 routes criticized in public consultation

The opinion for the route of Line 4 (Cournonsec/Gennevaux) and Line 5 (Grabels/Peyrou) is 50% negative.

For two months – from February 14 to April 14 – Metropolis conducted a public consultation on the planned routes for the five Bustram lines. Namely Castries/Place de l’Europe (Line 1), Gare Sud de France/Sabins (Line 2), Hautes-de-Massanne/Pairau (Line 3), Cornancec/Genevaux (Line 4) and Grebels/Pairau (Line 5 ) )

Five lines planned by the metropolis.
Free lunch

A €255 million project (including rolling stock) with a €20 million state subsidy. Metropolis announced that “the first phase of work will allow five lines to be operational from 2025. 60 of the planned 100 tram bus stations will be installed. The others will be configured in existing bus stations.” Promising the efficiency of such transportation “because traffic lights and intersections will be prioritized everywhere.”

On the agenda of the Metropolitan Council this Tuesday, July 26

The results of Boostram’s consultation are on the agenda of the Metropolitan Council scheduled for Tuesday, July 26 at 9:30 a.m. No less than 109 other cases will not be contested. These include: the project statement for the extension of tram line 1 to the Sud de France station, the continuation of the Claxit carpooling experiment, the 2022-2026 action plan for Medvalley, the urban renewal sector of La Paillade (South Mousson and Saint-Paul) and the urban renewal of the Cévennes district.

The results of the public consultation, which will be debated at the Metropolitan Council on Tuesday, July 26, show satisfaction but reservations, even increased reservations. On the positive side: “The project is appreciated by the population for whom air quality, safety and alternative transportation issues to cars are major concerns.”

Any space left for cars?

On the other hand, “the project raises concerns and worries about the space left for cars and especially the congestion that the Bustram could create by reducing the number of lanes available for general traffic.”
And if lines 1,2 and 3 seem appropriate – “comments did not lead to any particular change” – lines 4 and 5 each accumulate 50% negative feedback.

For line 4 “The population of the western plains was waiting for a tram.” As in line 5: “Observations concern the route, with a request for an extension to the center of Grabels and a proposal for a terminus at Euromedicine 2.”

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