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Monty Norman, the original composer of James Bond music, has died at the age of 94

Monty Norman, the English composer who wrote James Bond’s first theme song, died on July 11 at the age of 94.

The famous notes – mi, fa, fa, fa, fa, mi, mi, mi, sol, sol, sol – compose one of the most famous melodies of the 7th art. Composer Monty Norman, at the origin of the original James Bond musical framework, died on Monday, July 11. He was 94 years old.

The official website said: “It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Monty Norman after a brief illness.

The English composer created a version of the soundtrack of the first film “James Bond in Dr. I” (1962), which did not convince the producers at the time, after which they turned to John Barry to redo it. The result.

When the full authorship of the track was revealed to the latter, Monty Norman in In 2001, he sued The Sunday Times for libel over a 1997 article, the theme of which was composed by John Barry. He won and was awarded £30,000 (about €35,000) in damages.

Monty Norman famously inspired the theme from one of his earlier plays, Bad Omens and Good Omens, which he eventually created for the play that never saw the light of day. He said he rewrote it specifically for the film, trying to stick as closely as possible to the character created by English writer Ian Fleming.

After switching from sitar to electric guitar – a musical signature that is universally recognizable – Riff likes to say that in these few notes there is “all the sexuality, mystery and charm” of 007. He managed to do something as bad as a sexist, “said the musician in 2015. He recalled in an interview with CNN in 2020.

In the year He got his first guitar at the age of 16 and played with big bands and performed on various shows, between songs and jokes, with comedian Benny Hill, but also wrote songs for British rock pioneers Cliff Richard and Tommy Steele. .

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