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More and more salaries paid in bitcoins – Latin American cryptocurrency fan

What is free is useless – This Bolivian proverb could be connected with ours, “every work deserves a salary”. And when you live in Bolivia, it can be significant that this salary is paid Bitcoinand not Bolivian.

Latin America, accepts that Deel is paid in cryptocurrencies

Society deel has developed a platform that allows companies that work with employees in a country other than their own to pay them in ua simple and safe.
It also ensures that contracts respect labor rights and that declarations are aligned with each country.

A California company has just published the results of a study that shows this more and more employees are acceptingthere is fee in cryptocurrencies.

Really, almost 5% monthly payments are now made in cryptocurrencies, against only 2% at the end of 2021

Latin America is at the top of the rankings, mainly due to the extreme volatility of their local currencies and the inflation that has affected various countries over the past few months.
So it’s close 67% of wages in this area called LATAM (Latin America) which are done in cryptocurrency.

This area is also the one that has been hiring the most for several months, ahead of Asia and Europe.

Areas that employ the most

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The old continent is holding on, but it remains far behind

The zone comprising Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is far behind only with 24% payments in cryptocurrencies.

North America follows with 7% wages paid in cryptocurrencies only 2% in the Asia/Pacific (APAC) region.

Ranking of crypto paid areas

Almost half of the payments (47%) are performed through the king Bitcoinfollowed byUSDC for 29%.
Stablecoins have the advantage of offering a fixed payout, unlike other cryptocurrencies that can fluctuate wildly.

Ethereum is in the third position, with 14%. The following salaries are paid 8% in Salt flats (not practical for withdrawal, you have to plan for blockchain shutdowns), and 2% in Dash.

Deel also made a ranking of the trades that employ the most and the result is clear.

Ranking of the most sought-after occupations

Considering the required occupations and required skills, Web3 promises to be the Eldorado of tomorrow. Developers, app and website designers, or even project managers, will be a godsend for employers.
So, if you’re interested in this area, if you’re thinking about retraining, don’t hesitate any longer. Train, learn, test and tomorrow you can choose to receive your salary in euros or in bitcoins!

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