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Mothers can be accommodated nearby

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    The information was published in the Official Journal on April 14: Pregnant women who live more than 45 minutes by motorized transport from a maternity hospital will be able to stay in a “hospital hotel” covered by insurance – sickness.

    We told you about it at the beginning of April in our article “Midwives, Gynecologists, Obstetricians… Do You Live in an Obstetric Desert?” : Many people in France live far from maternity hospitals. A decree published in the Official Journal seeks to respond to this problem by announcing the assumption by health insurance of temporary accommodation for future mothers.

    Up to five consecutive nights

    Expectant mothers will therefore benefit from up to five consecutive nights of care prior to delivery and stay close to the maternity ward during delivery.

    For mothers-to-be who give birth after term, the system provides “medically necessary” Implementation of an extension of the period of residence”till the actual date of delivery”. No supplement will be requested from them in this package which includes overnight stay and food.

    Follow your pregnancy week by week

    Pathological pregnancy is also a concern

    In case of a health problem related to pregnancy, expectant mothers can choose to benefit from these five nights at any time or even as long as needed.Medical Assessment”. First run on a pilot basis in around forty public and private institutions since 2017, this support has now been extended.

    It aims to enable patients”Be more comfortable near their pick-up location” but also “Offering the option of full hospitalization of patients to streamline care across departments and better manage available bedsAccording to the Ministry of Health.

    What are the terms of access?

    First, it is important to note that this “hospital hotel” is not a health care facility, and no medical treatment will be performed there. In addition, space is limited, however, the expectant mother may be accompanied by one adult or a maximum of two minors. Additionally, certain criteria must be met to access it:

    • You must spend more than 45 minutes of motorized travel from the nearest maternity ward under normal circumstances;
    • And since there is no care provided, the mother must be in a state of health that does not require constant monitoring by health professionals, neither before nor after hospitalization.

    Taxi rides are also supported

    To get to her hospital hotel, the pregnant woman can request that her travel be taken care of, by taxi or an authorized transportation company. The only condition is that the company in question has signed an agreement with the local health insurance company

    These journeys covered may also concern journeys undertaken during the eighth and ninth months as part of normal pregnancy monitoring.

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