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Movements of Egyptian Rafale fighters terrify Israel

Titled “10,000 flight hours… An achievement for the Neighboring Air Force”, Israeli TV Channel 10 began a report on the operational and training superiority of the Egyptian Air Force, warning of its extreme superiority.

And the Hebrew channel said: “The Egyptian Air Force has become the first aircraft outside of France to reach 10,000 flight hours, which is the Rafale fighter jet,” adding that they will soon start receiving an additional 30 aircraft that requested , making them the largest. customer outside of France.

Shay Levy, the channel’s military affairs editor, revealed that the Egyptians have been operating this fighter jet since 2015. Egypt has a squadron of a total of 24 fighter jets of this type, and they will start receiving dozens of them soon.

The French company Dassault, the manufacturer of the aircraft, commented on Egypt Air’s achievement, saying: “This is an important milestone that confirms the technological and operational excellence of the Rafale aircraft, and attests to the quality of training of the Egyptian teams. in France.”

France also indicated that this achievement demonstrates the great skill of the Egyptian Air Force, which carried out the conversion of its pilots and mechanics to the Rafale easily and efficiently.

The celebration of the 10,000 flight hours of the Rafale aircraft was held at the Egyptian Air Force base, where the 34 “Wild Wolves” squadron operating the Rafale aircraft is stationed. The ceremony was held in the presence of senior officials from the Egyptian Air Force and the French Dassault.

Egypt ordered 24 Rafale jets in 2015, becoming the first foreign customer for the French fighter jet. In 2021, they have ordered another 30 combat aircraft of this type, with the last aircraft delivered by France in 2026.

The Rafale is a 24/7 twin-engine multirole fighter aircraft of the generation 4+. The advanced French fighter plane has a diameter of about 2,000 kilometers and the ability to carry a weapon that weighs 9.5 tons.

The manufacturer confirms that the active electronically scanned radar (AESA) that works together with many sensors is one of the great advantages of its aircraft, since Rafale has the ability to detect many targets at long distances and attack a large number of them. using a powerful computer that helps the pilot to integrate all the information and the efficient and precise operation of the task

Over the years, the Egyptian Air Force has purchased a variety of fighter jets from different countries, as the Egyptian Air Force operates F-16s from the United States of America, the French Rafales, and the Russian MiG-29, and a few months ago it was reported that they had bought a Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft

The Israeli channel said that this enormous aerial diversity in Egypt constitutes a great logistical headache. However, for the Egyptians, this allows them to maintain their independence and not be pressured by foreign governments that supply them with weapons.

Source: Israeli TV

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