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New energy subsidies, food prices, guaranteed loans… future measures for purchasing power

This Monday, July 4, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance explained the new proposal on purchasing power.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance France Intere this Monday, July 4, detailed some of the measures that should be integrated into the Purchasing Power Bill.

1. Fuel assistance for low-income earners

The minister explained that he is going to provide assistance to people who have low incomes and who are forced to work with their cars and are therefore extremely unable to increase fuel.

“We are working to see if we can provide more generous compensation to those who are forced to use their vehicles,” explained the minister.

Before adding: “It is not acceptable that today in France your employees, working trainees, young people, who tell you I can’t go to work because it costs me a lot

The conditions presented by the minister are as follows: The people must be employee or similar specifies the minister, but they are also Obligation to use their vehicle to be able to go to work And will only worry minimum income.

The aid will be aimed at “those who do not travel 12,000 km a year, such as “big drivers”, who take their cars to work and who can no longer make ends meet because fuel prices are too high.”

“So this is a compensation that concerns all those who work, those who are forced to go to work with their cars and obviously according to the level of income, that is to say those who have the lowest income. Part of the parliamentary debate, it must be focused on them. Should those with middle income or low income and who today say they can no longer go to work.

Fuel: “We are looking at whether we can set a more generous compensation for all those who are obliged to take their cars to work”, announced the minister. @Brunolemeyer. “It must be based on income level.”#le79 Inter

— France Inter (@francinter) July 4, 2022

2. Food price control

Food prices are sky high. Faced with this take offThe minister explained that the check will be carried out to identify the check Rebellious and unacceptable margins which is made

And he added that Those who take advantage of this margin will be sanctioned.

“On food, we have already started a thousand checks on a certain number of products. We are going to do more because it is not enough.”

Sector-by-sector controls from production to processing, transportation, distribution of products will be set up “to see if there are unacceptable margins taken by some at each stage of distribution and production”.

Bruno Le Maire went further: “I want to make sure that at any time, anywhere in the chain, there are people who take advantage of it and those who take advantage of it are sanctioned”.
We will not let the profiteers pass the inflationary crisis.

Inflation: To avoid “insurgent margins” in food sector to be controlled “sector by sector”, explains @Brunolemeyer. ‘We will not let the profiteers pass the inflationary crisis’ #le79 Inter

— France Inter (@francinter) July 4, 2022

3. Raised 50% threshold for food promotion

In the case of food promotions limited to a threshold of 34%, Bruno Le Maire proposed raising the higher threshold to a 50% discount.

The Minister of Economy and Finance explained: “I propose that we raise this threshold to 50% so that those who need it have a discounted price.”

4. Business support: guaranteed credit, expansion, power

Bruno Le Maire has not forgotten the companies in his purchasing power support scheme.

He detailed several boosts, including the expansion of state-guaranteed loans to businesses.

“We are going to make three very specific decisions. We are going to extend the term State-guaranteed loans are called elasticities Which was supposed to close this summer, it will Continued until the end of the year

He concluded his speech by maintaining credit expansion for entrepreneurs who are unable to pay their bills.

“We will maintain the mission that allowsHelp entrepreneurs who are unable to repay loans“, spreading their loan tenure up to ten years.

“All companies may find that they can spread their debt so that repayment terms are not too onerous.”

Before announcement a New energy direct help.

“We provide direct support to companies that consume a lot of energy. Companies that use a lot of electricity or gas will be able to benefit from aid from 2 to 25 million euros.”

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