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NFT Scam: Detective ZachXBT exposed two French scammers

Crypto detective ZachXBT has just exposed two perpetrators of an NFT scam targeting the Bored Apes, Azuki, Sudoswap and Doodles collections.

The two fraudsters are said to have repeated their NFT scam several times since December 2021, making over $2.5 million in profits.

A long running NFT scam

ZachXBT launched an investigation after noticing several NFT thefts since late last year. Investigations allowed him to identify Matisse and Camilla, two young men living in Paris. The detective, however, did not reveal their surnames.

ZachXBT says it conducted a lengthy investigation that included analyzing blockchains and several digital images. Although the two thieves seem to have managed to gain the trust of their victims, they have struggled to cover their tracks.

The detective also exposed the Twitter accounts of two scammers, @Rxktv and @mtsgtb. Shortly after the results of the investigation were released, both accounts were no longer available.

“One of them disabled his Twitter account and deleted the incriminating tweets. Another decided to go private,” ZachXBT pointed out tweet published on Tuesday. “Anyway, all tweets were saved offline before the post went live.”

Two scammers are drawing the ire of the cryptosphere

So far, Mathys and Camille have still not been identified, but the noose continues to tighten on the duo.

According to the Twitter account @Luchap2BTC, at least one of the two would attend the French programming school “42”. According to the curious anecdotes of those who knew them at school, Mathys and Camille were not very social and were not good at making friends.

The school, which is currently analyzing their files, recommends that anyone with additional information contact the authorities.

After exposing the two perpetrators of the NFT scam, ZachXBT concluded: “Let’s hope we see legal action against Mathys and Camille in the near future for the financial damage they have caused to so many people.”


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