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October 2018 Memories for future generations in Saint-Hilaire

The work will be led by Vivienne Dulles, documentary photographer. A call for evidence is launched.

The spirit of a village cannot survive if there are no passionate people to witness and pass on their history to future generations.

With this in mind, documentary photographer Vivienne Dulles came to present her project to the residents.”what is left” To collect testimony, the feelings of all those who want to exchange with him, including photography in the flood of 2018.

For this work of memory, he will certainly be interested in all the documents you can make available to him, especially the photos you keep.

Black and white portrait

Whether you are a committed actor or a victim of this disaster, your testimony, your experience can be especially valuable.

The project, initiated by Department and Graf (Photographic Research and Animation Group), will also take Vivienne Dulles to Trebes and Villegeilhenke, where she lives.

His work will include 30 black and white portraits, as well as interviews with the people photographed. The photographic image will be created from each person’s story and revealed through portraits taken during the unfolding of their story.

The award-winning reporter photographer, winner of the 2014 Canon Female Photojournalist Award, has covered stories ranging from social issues to natural disasters, which has taken her to Asia and Australia.

Do not hesitate to witness him so that the living memory of the village resists time and becomes part of history. Contact: 06 87 93 26 51 and

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