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Patrick Lagasse returns to the shocking article of Philip Bond

During the tour good eveningPatrick Lagasse was immediately asked about the cooperation with him The article from La Presse On Philip Bond who made a lot of waves this summer.

First it indicates that the file is around.” In the drawers of La Presse for a while [de temps] “.

He goes on to say: There are colleagues from La Presse, Stephanie Vallet and Katia Gannon. After the Philip Bond situation, there are women who have decided to tell the truth and I have met them. Charles-Eric Blais-Poulin was already working on it, so we joined forces, and that’s what happened. »

Patrick Lagasse was on vacation when we met, but chose to return to work to work on this file. ” That’s why I came out because when you’re about to announce something like this, it’s hard to say call me back on August 15th. »

This is what he says about the story he saw. I can’t say I know her. I always doubt the unproven. In this case or in another case. You hear all kinds of things and sometimes you check and it doesn’t change, sometimes it’s wrong. I didn’t check that. I did not know the details of these charges. »

The journalist explains why the article did not appear in the pages a few years ago. Pres. ” Elements are missing to meet La Presse publication standards. For a meta story, whether it’s a police story or an educational story, what matters is what you can show. If you are charged, you will expose your journalistic style in court. Will it hold up? That is generally the standard of publication. »

Recall that the day after the events, Kim Lévesque-Lizotte published an article that was widely shared by the Quebec Stars. Read it here..

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