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Philip Kennedy Johnson is working on a dynamite new James Bond series

Publishing for comics rights holders James Bond For a long time in America, Dynamite entertainment He continues to franchise with new projects every now and then. The company is based on the spirit of anthology, different creative teams passing characters in general, following the spirit of fiction and film: adventure, intrigue, final credits. Philip Kennedy Johnson In turn, he is interested in the spy – after already working on the comics A foreigner – For the title Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007or just “007“, It was announced this summer.

Jumping is not enough.

At the press release announcing this project, it surprisingly deviated from the conventional subtitle (although Dynamite He enjoys playing on principle, enjoying himself by calling certain series.James BondThe screen reporter expressed an interest in espionage. Wisely, if the secret agent is supposed to be doing espionage, the spying is usually kept in the background. Favored action scenes and flashy explosions. PKJ He intends to film one with more shenanigans, but still a bit of fighting in between.

On this new series 007, jump Caught in hell. In the hope of getting a man out of Russia, he has to tie himself to the wall and kill the one who was going to bring him back to his country. His superiors are not appreciative, waving him off and threatening him with suspension. MI6. At the same time, the secret agent can’t help but think back to this famous mission, the enemies chasing him, and the curious American conversations. Armed with modern technology and confidential information, when they meet, they are not who they say they are. jump. The hero received a message. Gwendolyn Gann.A former double zero agent and ex-mistress is about to return to the spy business.

It is called a secret organization Myrmidon It’s also mentioned in the official synopsis – enough to connect the dots between the saga’s regular and often very easy to access scenarios. For the first issue, artists Tommy Lee Edwards, Mark Aspinall, So Lee And Mark Laming He takes care of the blankets. Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 #1 Expected in August.

It’s on Twitter.

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