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photos | Traders at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange monitor market indicators and confidence returned to European stock exchanges after troubled Credit Suisse bank obtained financial assistance from the Swiss Central Bank.

On Thursday, optimism returned to European markets as investors seemed to have regained confidence following the efforts of the Swiss Central Bank and announcements issued by Credit Suisse, but the crisis spilled over into Asian markets.

Troubled Credit Suisse rose after receiving financial assistance from the Swiss National Bank (the central bank), helping to allay some fears of a global banking crisis, though caution prevailed ahead of the European Central Bank’s interest rate decision. .

And at 8:35 GMT it registered a recovery of 1.43 percent on the Paris Stock Exchange, 1.26 percent on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 1.27 percent on the London and 1.21 percent in Milan, after falling more than 3 percent. On Wednesday.

However, Asian markets were hit late by recent Credit Suisse-related turmoil, as the Tokyo Stock Exchange fell 0.8 percent and Hong Kong 1.9 percent.

However, the session in Europe could be volatile until the publication of a statement early in the afternoon from the European Central Bank, which is expected to make its decision to raise interest rates by half a point to curb inflation, and does not rule out that it will take a softer approach to reassure the banks.

Since the collapse of US banks last week, financial markets have been tense. And after the return of confidence on Tuesday in the soundness of the banking system, the stability of the stock markets was destabilized on Wednesday, after the Credit Suisse share registered the biggest fall in its history, rising to about a -25 percent at closing.

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