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Play as James Bond in this special edition Mini Mock.

60 years ago, the first James Bond hit cinemas. To celebrate this anniversary, Mock America has produced a special edition Mini Mock, one of the iconic cars used by the secret agent.

James Bond Mock – Credit: Mock America

After the kid version of James Bond’s Aston Martin, fans of the secret agent are looking at a new collector’s model. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the film franchise, Mock America has teamed up with EON Productions to create a special edition. “60 Year Bond”. And for good reason, 007 has driven in many cars in the movies, but also in more relaxed cars like the Mini Moc.

Secret Agent in four movies namely: You only live twice (1967) Live and die (1973) The spy who loved me (1977) and moonraker (1979) The original script had nothing to do. Special Anniversary Edition in midnight blue color with beige seats, dashboard, gear knob and wooden steering wheel. The iconic 007 logo is prominently displayed on the back. A logo that can be found on the hood and on the spare tire guard.

Figure 2: Play like James Bond with this special edition Mini Mock.
Credit: Mock America

This Moke 007 is far from a racing car.

The car has been updated. Instead of a combustion engine, it is a fully electric engine. However, it does not cover the Tesla as it has a range of 64 km/h for a top speed of 40 km/h. Other up-to-date features include a reverse camera and the integration of Bluetooth technology.

You have to put $28,975 on the table to get your hands on it. Suffice it to say, it’s only aimed at die-hard collectors or those looking to use a stylish vehicle for short distances. Going to the beach in this mockup certainly has its charm, but you still have to do it to get it.

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This special edition is available on the official Moke America website. Stock will be limited of course.

Figure 3: Play like James Bond with this special edition Mini Mock.
Credit: Mock America

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