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PMI indices among the interest, especially China, Do not miss tomorrow

Activity in China’s service sector rose nearly year-over-year in June as the economy rebounded.


PMI indices in the center of interest, especially China

Although the morning publication of the PMI indices of services in the euro zone will not have a small role, since this is the last estimate that should confirm the weakening of growth, it will be different. PMI index calculated by IHS Markit Institute for Caixin media group in China. Led by the re-opening of closed cities, the indicator came back after three months of low to make the most progress in almost a year, standing at 54.5, against 41.4 in May and 49 expected by the union. The composite index, which includes industry and services, came out at 55.3 in June, against 42.2 last month.

As the day progresses, investors will be interested in four secondary indicators: manufacturing in France in Mayand First quarter salary in the euro zonethey May Industrial Orders in the United States (consensus: + 0.5% for one month) and the final figure of Hard goods orders are still in the United States for the time being (consensus: + 0.7% for one month). In terms of priority, a video game publisher Ubisoft Entertainment will gather its shareholders at a general meeting in Paris.


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