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Prime Video will begin streaming James Bond in select countries

After Amazon’s takeover of the fabled MGM, we can expect to see the studios’ films land on Prime Video. This is an issue as the platform channels James Bond, but this should not concern France for the time being.

Amazon recently completed its $8.45 billion (€7.6 billion) takeover of Metro Goldwyn Myer (MGM), and the company wants to take advantage of this new catalog as quickly as possible. It should be said that the century-old studio has a very large number of titles with original films, which allows Amazon’s subscription video on-demand platform to have a great experience with subscribers.

James Bond above all

After announcing a TV game based on the James Bond universe, Amazon will integrate the most famous spy movies into its Prime Video catalog, reports Advanced Television. James Bonds is therefore available from Next April 15 For a while now, however, Amazon has not shown an end date to the e-commerce giant’s platform.

This applies to all the titles in the collection, 25 in total, including the latest “Dying Can Wait”, which was released in cinemas last year. But unfortunately, France is not to be a part of this adventure, at least for now.

As a reminder, all James Bond movies are currently available on CANAL+, including the latest opus. However, they will disappear from the encrypted channel catalog between May 31 and June 31. So you can join the main video in France, but this time it cannot be distributed on such a platform, 17 months before the theatrical release of “Can Wait to Die”.

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