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Production-FFC indicator: prices for semi-trailers are on the rise

Several manufacturers, and not the most important, have reported significant changes in delivery times and prices in the first half of 2022. The risk of lawsuits and trade disputes being real, the FFC has decided to publish (with ‘INSEE) its prices for the production of cars and products.

The first tables, which are scheduled for May 2022, are worried. We also want to publish on electricity prices, especially gas and electricity; the two most commonly used forces in bodywork or metalwork. We see that production more or less follows the evolution of consumption in the home, especially according to what is related to the regions of Covid-19.

Directly at the FFC, the semi-trailer group prices stopped in April 2022 (base 100 in October 2015): thus we go from the index 105.3 in October 2019 to 111.9 in October 2021. This phenomenon is increasing and the index is 118.9 in April 2022! It follows “faithfully” changes in inflation.

Source: FFC

We especially see that bodybuilders have “taken” the rise in raw materials by subtracting the selling price from raw materials. This can be explained in several ways: stable management of operating costs, framework agreements with suppliers slowing down the increase, the possibility of stocks in certain products and components, and selling prices as accurately as possible to reduce the consequences. Which means that bodybuilders, in their money flow, will reduce the number of components used in the production. This can be a concern for their stability. The word explosion is not an exaggeration.

For metals, a break occurs in November 2020. Starting from the base of 100 in October 2015, we go from 108.8 in October 2019 to 149 in October 2021 to 182.6 in April 2022! Aluminum fluctuates a lot in yo-yo movements: from below 100 in October 2015, we are going to 93.6 in October 2019, 124.2 in October 2021 (the price increase is happening exactly in October 2020) until 163.2 in April 2022.

The change in copper is of great concern because this metal is used in many mechanical metals, and it is important to see changes in electro-mobility (tablets and electrical wires use this metal a lot). This is probably where the price hike will be the strongest because of the limits on the extraction of the stone.

In the middle, copper can have the same development as oil because of its nature. The fall occurred between November and December 2019, bringing it below 100 in October 2015. Then it goes to 103 in October 2019; to 148 in October 2021 and finally 167.8 in April 2022.

For computer cards, still in the top 100 in October 2015, we reach 98.9 in October 2019, 99 in October 2021 and then 100.8 in April 2022. Indeed, according to some special equipment manufacturers who met at the EuMo Expo in June 2022, it does not take into account the estimates of other players who received orders to be kept and resold to high bidders.

The prices of French companies for cars, trailers and semi-trailers are widely distributed this month, and after that they will be reserved for FFC members only.

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