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Proposals to improve the organization of future campaigns

The presidential campaign has come to a close without a major setback that would affect the outcome of the election. This is essentially what the Commission for the Control of Electoral Campaigns for the 2022 Presidential Election (CNCCEP) said in its end-of-mission report, released on Friday July 8.

“There have been no incidents that could have affected the smooth running of these elections, such as widespread dissemination of false information or major cyber attacks.”, notes CNCCEP. Despite some obstacles in the distribution of electoral propaganda, some French people received it soon after the election, “Activities related to the electoral process (…) did not face any major difficulties”The committee says.

Comprehensive approval capabilities

However, certain developments have prompted the CNCCEP to formulate several proposals to improve the smooth running of the campaign. He suggested going ahead “quite noticeably” Date on which candidates have to submit their election materials before the first round. Despite the means implemented, A large number of voters with professions of faith accepted the envelopes A few days, sometimes just a few hours before the first round.”The committee regretted.

“Regarding the second round, the possibilities of advancing the schedule are more limited, but it is also conceivable to bring forward the deadline for sending the statements by a few days, so that they have to be submitted to the committee. Tuesday evening immediately after the first ballot. »she suggests.

The inspection body also requests that it be given additional means to take any sanctions. Apart from the choice between homosexuality, subject to homosexuality and rejection of homosexuality, which deprives the voter of obtaining a profession of faith, the Commission wants to be able to provide an option that a candidate will not have access to. “Campaign Expenses Related to Inconsistent Professions of Faith.”CNCCEP claims.

In April, professions of faith were the subject of a warning by the Marine Le Pen Commission. Its image was displayed “31% of deliberate attacks since 2017”, information that CNCCEP has not been able to verify. The “rural police” nevertheless approved the document, but issued millions of copies printed “Reserve” On disputed reference, no power of approval.

Cost of sending a profession of faith

CNCCEP also wonders about the relevance of mailing candidates’ professions of faith to all voters, “At a time when electronic communication is spreading in French society”. A question also arises that given “Environmental and Financial Costs” The printing of paper documents represents approximately 48.7 million registered voters.

However, considering the mailing of declaration of candidates remains “A device whose utility is generally recognized”, CNCCEP offers a mixed system. Mailing paper documents to mailboxes will only be available to voters registered to receive them electronically. The committee therefore asked the Home Ministry to investigate “Whether such a proposal would be feasible and not persuasive Risk of excessive complexity or error in the system”.


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